Yorkshire – our region

With a population as big as Scotland’s and an area half the size of Belgium, Yorkshire is almost a country in itself. It has its own flag and its own celebration, Yorkshire Day (1 August).

Yorkshire offers a mix of vibrant cities, picturesque towns and villages and stunning countryside. Historic Yorkshire has areas that are thought to be the greenest in England. In fact, North Yorkshire has recently been given the title of ‘Garden of England’ by The Guardian newspaper. Yorkshire has also provided the setting for several films and popular TV programmes, such as Harry Potter and The Full Monty.

The area around Scarborough is well-known for its beautiful scenery: along the coast; on the nearby moors; and also in some large areas of forest. It is ideal for walking or just enjoying the beauty and tranquility of the countryside. In addition, there are many small and attractive towns and villages nearby where you can find historic buildings and glorious views or you can simply enjoy a meal and a drink in a traditional British pub.

Scarborough is less than an hour by train from the wonderful city of York and two hours from the big city delights of Leeds, where you can find many of the same shops that are found in London.

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