Food & Drink in Scarborough

English Afternoon-Tea

Traditional Afternoon Tea

There is a wide variety of cafes to choose from in Scarborough when you are looking for a traditional English cup of tea! The Palm Court Hotel is recommended as is Bonnets café which was first established in 1880, by a Swiss Confectioner Louis Bonnet.

From £17.50

Harbour Bar Scarborough

Traditional Ice Cream

Why not visit Scarborough’s famous Alonzi’s Harbour Bar , a family business, which has been producing and selling award-winning ice cream opposite Scarborough’s harbour since 1945?

From £1.50

Scarborough fish and chips

Traditional Fish & Chips

With an abundance of fish & chips restaurants (such as Mother Hubbard’s ), cafes and takeaways, Scarborough is a perfect place to sample the typical British dish of fish and chips.

From £9.50

ASK restaurant


Students & staff like to get together now & again and enjoy a meal at one of many Scarborough restaurants, such as ASK Restaurant, overlooking the harbour.

From £10.00

Yorkshire Country Pub

Traditional British Pubs

Scarborough offers a wide range of welcoming traditional British pubs, such as The Merchant Pub, Cellars Pub and The Scarborough Arms.

From £3.00

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