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Classes are usually based around a number of topics, for example: Work, the Family, Travel, Leisure, Current Affairs and Life in Britain. Topics can be introduced according to your wishes.

Skills areas

Speaking We use discussions, role-play, simulations, dialogues, mini-presentations and pronunciation activities to improve your fluency.
Listening The use of published, authentic and audio-visual material together with listening practice is designed to increase your understanding of spoken English and to help you communicate more effectively.
Reading We help you to enrich your vocabulary and to read faster and with more understanding through a variety of authentic and published texts and also assist you with effective reading strategies.
Writing Lessons include writing for communicative purposes such as letters, reports and mini-essays, plus personal writing. Some of this work is undertaken as homework.


The four language skills, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing contain grammatical structure in context. Structures are introduced and reviewed according to your various needs.


Vocabulary is a vital part of our lessons and is introduced according to the topic studied. Advice is also given on how to effectively record, learn and activate your vocabulary.


Whilst we use some study visits as an integral part of your course we can also arrange study visits to suit individual requirements according to your job or areas of specific interest, e.g. visits to schools, hospitals, social services or companies.

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